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Monday, June 22, 2009

Craft Room Reno

Our craft room has recently undergone a renovation, it was a little small to fit us all in the way it was. I had a large high desk that I used for picture framing and mount board cutting, which I rarely do now, the space was such a waste. Our girls are spending alot more time in the craft room (particularly Rylee) so it made sense to reconfigure the room to make room for them too. the high desk was lowered, shelves made for underneath and new shelves places on top. This was all possible with the wonderful work of my husband and also Rylee who was there through the entire process.

table top removed (it took longer to clear out all the stuff !)

Rylee helping holding the desk top

Checking out a new hiding hole
Will post photos of the finished product soon (well, when it is cleaned up!)

Big thanks to DH who made it all possible