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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Die Storage Update

Hello all, I hope your week is going well and if you are any where near Sandy in the USA, I hope you stay safe and don't sustain too much damage!  You are in our thoughts and prays for a safe way through the storm and its destruction.

I have some pictures to share, I have been in an accumulation stage (maybe I should be truthful, I am always in an accumulation stage-lol) with dies over the last little while!  My main problem is storing them, if I don't see the die right in my face then it doesn't get used, leaving the dies wasting away!
A while ago, I saw a brilliant idea shared by the very talented Barbara Anders from Paper Pursuits, she uses sheets of adhesive magnet........ I just jumped onto this idea
thankfully, eBay had huge sheets of magnet sheeting, mine measure 1000mm x 610mm, (head hung in shame) I have 3 of them!!

On with some pictures.............

The small side, mostly circles, labels and grand nesties

longer side, memory box, Cheery Lynn, MFT, borders and the rest of the spellbinders that didn't fit on the other side!

Adhered to the front of the Craft room cupboard doors

I write on the back of each die with a sharpie marker, the older I get,   the names just keep eluding me!
Some magnetic strips from ikea for my AnnaBelle's and La La Land dies 

 Please please please......ensure you take your time sticking the adhesive on........or this is what you will end up with this
This is the smaller side when it fell down...... it was NOT fun putting it all back together again-doh!

Hope you have enjoyed sharing in my new storage system, hope it can give you an idea or 2 as well


Linda Langes said...

Awesome storage idea Sue and awesome collection too!

Marisa said...

Wow! Is there a die you don't own wink, wink :) I have seen this system used and it looks like a great one. I use several CD holders for mine with a bit of magnetic strip on a piece of card stock for them to stick too. Mind you if I had any large sized ones I would be in trouble and would have to go to option B LOL! Thanks for sharing :)

Marisa said...

PS: I write the names on mine too - with no shame LOL!

The Other Patti Sue said...

I don't feel so bad about my collection! Great storage!

Anonymous said...

TFS Sue. Love your collection! and the storage idea is fantastic.

lostinpaper said...

oooh, I'm jealous, look at all those gorgeous dies! It would be fantastic to be able to have them on display, I've always found the visual prompt is always the best.

Angela said...

This collection is SO impressive!!! I love visiting and drooling over this awesome array of craftiness!!!