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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Our new little addition...... Angus!

On Friday we welcomed a new member to our family, a little 9 week old labrador puppy Angus!

We didn't tell the girls of his upcoming arriving, as you can image they were excited beyond belief!!

We have become Guide Dog puppy raisers, he will be with our family for the next 12months, he heads off to complete his training as a guide dog, that is as long as he passes all the requirements with 100% pass rate!!  We are hoping he will be successful and become the 'eyes' for a vision impaired person, he has a beautiful nature and will make a perfect companion for one lucky person!  He will take a lot of time to get him up and trained, but we are up for the challenge, he has become my new 'job'- can life get much better????

Not looking forward to the day when he leaves our family, but we will certainly be enjoying him while he is 'ours'

He's just soooooooooo cute, as you can see by the photos, I did struggle to limit the number of photos 'cause he just looks so darn cute in all of them!!

The girls and I went shopping yesterday and bought him a few toys to play with, among them were a tigger toy and this cute little heart, both of which he carries around with him!

Angus with my Niece Lauren, who is worse than the girls when it comes to picking him up-lol!

My favourite to finish off with..........................told you he was a cutie!


Sam Barry said...

He is adorable

Marisa said...

Oh my word!!! He is sooooo cute!! Just love that first picture - those eyes just draw you in. Give him a biiiiig snuggle for me and enjoy!!

Sue W said...

He is just gorgeous Sue!!!! The friends we spent Christmas with are doing the same! They have a blac Lab. called Sancho........I think Sancho would make a better Police dog than guide dog though........he's so strong and very active!!!!!

Michelle said...

Hi Sue

I just had to come check this gorgeous little guy out when his cute little face popped up in my google reader!

How absolutely adorable is he?!

Going to be a very tough job handing him back for sure.

Michelle :o)

Alyce said...

ahhh sue so super cute!!! :) love him :)

LOU said...

He is totally gorgeous Sue! :)