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Monday, September 27, 2010

A Cherry on top!

My fabulous & super talented friend Iwona sent me this tasty little gem!! What a special gift to receive, a big thank you for thinking of me Missy- mwah!! 

Now comes the challenging part (for me that is!!), following along with the rules to keep this one I need to share some things I like about me- Mmmmmm????  Well here goes........, they will be short and sweet, unfortunately I am not a word smith-hehe!

I love being part of my family, it is a wonderful feeling being Mum to my 2 little girls and married to ever so patient Ashley.  I have been married before and believe me it didn't feel like this, I have really struck gold this time!

I love having such amazing friends, some of which are as addicted to stamping & crafting as me (I call them enablers-lol!!)!  My other friends, that are not part of my addiction, provide some much needed balance in my life, I would not trade their friendship for the world!!!!

Lastly, I love that I have got this far in life, I am thankful for all the curve balls that have been thrown my way, I wouldn't be ME if they weren't!!  I have learned so much throughout my journey thus far and I am eager to keep learning

Share a photos that I love, well that is an eeeeeasy one, I took this one while we were on holidays in Tasmania back in 2008, I just love it!  The girls have grown so much since then, wonderful to look back when they were so little

I needed to include this one too (thought it was going to be easy picking one!), taken on the same holiday, don't they just look so cute together!

Now, to pass this on to 5 smashing bloggers.....

Ange, my #1 enabler!! A fantastic friend and brilliant crafter, a simple and elegant style, and alway puts herself out to share in a crafting order or 3!!  Always willing to share ideas and crafting supplies, what is hers is mine and vice versa!!
Angela, #2 enabler, a lady who is going great places, in very high demand!!!  Alway pulls out amazing designs with little effort!
Iwona, yeah, I know she sent it to me but I really want to send it back!! This lady is shooting for the stars and is hitting each and every target, coming such a long way is a really short period of time. I am so proud to call her a friend and thank the universe for sending her my way!!
Laurie, I have recently found Laurie's blog and boy does it blow my mind!!  Each and every design is so elegant and inspiring, think I may have a few pics saved to case at a later stage-lol!! Freakishly,  we both have DD's Rylee providing both love in our lives and challenges too!
Silke, What this amazing lady does with paper (in particular white) and ink is absolutely brilliant!  I have my own little 'Silke's file' saved on my computer, filled with her beauties.  A very busy person, yet churns out so much to inspire others!
Boy that was harder than I thought it would be, limiting to 5 is soooooooo hard!
Although if I could choose 10 the choice would still be challenging!
Thank you ladies for being such an inspiration and sensational bloggers!!


Laurie said...

OH my gosh Sue! How sweet are you? Thank you!! I loved reading your post! So fun to know about families too! I will surely pass this on!

Iwona Palamountain (Chupa) said...

Sue, Sue... if I only knew what to write! To thank you would be the first and most important thing, I thanked you so many times already... you're over the top fabulous, girl :)
It was wonderful to get to know you better, and I admit that I've been waiting for this post, just to read about it! I'm too proud and very happy to have met you, you know it. It's been mad two years since I moved to Oz, and I haven't had much time or opportunity to break the routine of being a wife and mom (which I LOVE!, but you get the point). You're a super enabler for me :)
p.s. I can't stop looking at that sweet "Zuzia" banner :)