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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

An early Christmas!

Good Morning, it is early morning here, I have just come back from a walk, the girls are still asleep- perfect time to quickly post !!
Last Saturday we had Christmas with Ash's family, we had all the trimmings like 'real' Christmas, presents an all!! (the girls were beside themselves with excitment).  It was last minute planning, but I think we pulled it all together

The Table all dressed in black, white & silver, I wasn't sure about these colours for Christmas, but I am delighted with the result

Can you see their excitement?
Ash and the girls, infront of the Christmas tree decorated by our girls and others from down the road!

Food, glorious food
Salt n pepper calamari, Turkey, Roast pork, vegies, plum pudding with cream, icecream and custard- Mmmm!

About to open their main present from us- the excitement is building!!

Nintendo Wii, I wish I had this moment on Video, the camera just can't capture the excitement

A nice family shot, been putting them in my christmas cards

And a funny one, copies are being sent with Christmas cards too!
Anyhoo, I had better go and jump into the shower and get ready for the day!
Hope you have enjoyed our early Christmas

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Jay Gee said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos. Looks like the girls really enjoyed themselves and your table looks amazing.

Ange Kelly said...

Lovely photos Sue! I expecially like the way the tree is decorated LOL! xx

Marisa said...

Your table setting is gorgeous and what fun family pictures!! You will LOVE the Wii, but beware of Wii-itis LOL! You will find muscles you didn't know you had, especially in your arms - enjoy!!

Darling family picture and your girls are adroable. Enjoy round two when it comes around :)

Oh, noticed you hair was curly! Did you perm it or is it naturally curly?! Got natural if it is I say - though I am a bit biased of course :)

Dilani said...

Hi Sue, 1st time checking out your blog, very impressed i must say. Its so lovely to see photos and the early Xmas was a great idea - sometimes the best plans are the last minute ones. Why have one Xmas when you can have two!!!! Love Dil