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Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge {Love}

Back for another post today, I nearly forgot about this challenge but thankfully with an email that came in from Joy's blog it prompted me to get the camera out!

The Photo Friday Challenge is a great challenge to get the camera out and take photos of things other than cards, this week's challenge is {{love}}

With DH at home today is was the perfect opportunity to drag him out into the backyard for an impromptu photo shoot, he happily obliged, he is so used to my weird and wonderful requests!!  It was like a game of adult twister, trying hard to balance to get the right shot- thank goodness no one was watching-lol!!
We both got our matching tattoo's back in 1996 when we 1st started going out, well only 2 months! 
 Just as well we were so well suited that we stayed together, to us they symbolize '2 Hearts together Forever'

Ingredients: Ash, Sue + LOVE


Robyn said...

How sweet! My DH CERTAINLY wouldn't get a heart tattoo and CERTAINLY would not pose for a photo to show it off!! HaHa Love your new blog look too- did you do it yourself or get someone to do it for you?

Jay Gee said...

Gosh Sue... it is just as well you guys were well suited :)Great photo.

Marisa said...

Aaaaawwww :) Kudos to hubby for posing so willingly. would that lawn be mowed by him for the shoot or by you LOL ;)

Sue W said...

I think he's a keeper Sue!!!! I'll bet your neighbours were in hoots whilst you shot this fab. photo!

Angela said...

what a great couple you both are! pat on the back Ash for posing for the photo! better than you sleeping on the couch..... lol xxx