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Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo Friday Challenge {Night}

Happy Monday to you all, I hope you have a fabulous week ahead!
A new challenge at Photo Friday has started, this one being our interpretation of 'Night'
My favourite part of the night is heading down to tuck the girls in and give them a good night kiss as I am on my way to be, last night was a little different, I had my camera in tow!!  Not sure if that is classified under the 'good mother' banner or not, but it was for a good cause-lol!  They are just gorgeous when they are asleep, I could sit and watch them all night!

I have taken the photos and played with some effects in Photoshop, made them B and W, blurred them some more and gave them a waterpaper effect

Darcy, the restless sleeper

Rylee and her Teddy, contemplating life!


Jay Gee said...

Great photos of the girls Sue, they look good in B&W. I love your interpretation of the challenge :)

Ange Kelly said...

Hahahaha! definitely had a bit of a giggle at these (sorry girls)

Marisa said...

Cute :) I have a picture of my son sleeping with his teddies in his arm and it is one of my favorite pics. Great take on the challenge!

Carly said...

I love how you interpreted the theme this week and the b/w is perfect!