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Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Finally.............., first post (she's making me do it!!)

Hello all,

Yes, finally the stars have aligned and the cloud have cleared (for a short while anyway!) and it is time for me to finally write something! The wonderful Ange (Dominatrix!) is sitting by my side with a very big stick and will not let me leave until I have at least something written down and posted!

Firstly, I thought I would share 'my space'

This is my crafting area, looking unusually tidy - just for the photo!! however I will post one later down the track of the 'default setting' -mess, mess and more mess!! but what can you expect with creative talent- tidiness? i think not!

and another angle- surprisingly still tidy!

Bye until the next time Ange comes around for a cuppa!
Many thank to Angelique for giving me that gentle shove/whipping! XX